Memorial for Cynthia Louise Miller


In memory of his dear wife, Cynthia Louise Miller (Cindy), David Mitchell has sent a donation to help Frenchies in need.

Cindy was an avid dog and horse woman being involved in both arenas since she was fourteen.

Although she was active in the show rings, Cindy’s loving heart got her involved in rescue. She was a regional representative and  foster volunteer for FBRN.

Some of you who show your Frenchies may remember her as the owner and head seamstress of Canine Casuals, one of the first vendors to sell Frenchie specific coats and dresses!

In her everyday life, Cindy was a nurse so it seems taking care of people and animals was just a big part of who she was.

Because of who she was it was natural to David to make this donation and the Village and all the Villagers want to thank him for his generosity...because without donations we cease to exist!

Thank you David Mitchell...a prayer for you, and in the memory of Cindy, is headed to the universe today.


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