Location: Richmond, VA
Age: 7 years
Sex: Female/Spayed
Weight: 21 lbs
Kids: Yes, but only dog savvy children and children over the age of 7 years
Cats: No
Other Dogs: Yes
Available As Of: 3/6/2017
Adoption Fee: $500

Lexi is a submissive girl. She gets along with everything and everyone. She is just as happy lying around on a nice comfy blanket, bed or sofa. She has moments where she wants to play and acts like a puppy again, but for the most part she just wants human attention whether that be petting her or her lying by your side. All she needs are short daily strolls around the neighborhood for her daily exercise. She is a laid back girl.

Lexi has made bounds on potty training. She no longer goes in her crate and hardly has an accident in the house. We are working on her alerting her person when she needs to go out. She is 98% potty trained; only has accidents once in a blue moon.

Lexi would prefer a fenced yard as it makes it easier for potty trips, but it’s not required.

The ideal home for Lexi would be someone who can work from home from time to time or take her to work. She is fine to stay home if you work, but you will need to come home every day for mid-day potty breaks.

Lexi loves car rides and anything that involves being around her people. Lying on her blankie? Yup she loves that. Stuffed animals? Yup she loves those too! Be aware, though, she can get the stuffing out of those stuffed animals in about 2 seconds flat. Lexi also loves the car! She is happiest around her humans.

Lexi does appear to fall victim to allergies; things like wet leaves can cause her itchy feet. She is responsive to allergy medicine and her foster Mom has found that placing socks on her feet really helps curb the reaction. Her future family will need to continue to feed her a high quality grain free food in addition to staying on top of allergy related symptoms. Her family will also need to be aware that because her ears where never treated, she will always have ongoing ear infections. Daily ear care is required to help her not get ear infections.

We have decided that Lexi will not be placed in a home with young children, because she has shown a tendency to nip when she is excited, wants something, or wants attention. Her foster Mom has worked on curbing this but she still needs reminders. Because we know that she has this tendency and we don’t want any harm to come to small kids, we feel it’s best to place her in a home without young kids.

Lexi is a special girl because of everything she has had to overcome! Despite having to live life just to have puppies, she is the sweetest and kindest dog you will ever meet. All she wants is someone to love her as we assume she did to all the puppies she has had. Lexi was passed around to two different breeders who both neglected her. She was a mess when she came into our care, yet all she wanted to do was give kisses. This girl has touched her foster Mom’s heart in a special way showing that no matter what life brings you there is always a reason to love. She deserves a family that she can grow old with and learn what it is to be a pet, not a mill mamma.

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Make sure to watch this video of Lexi playing! She is such a cutie!