Date into rescue: 09/19/2012
Location: California
Age: 5
Gender: female
Color:  Brindle Pied
Handicaps: no
Health Issues: yes

Here is the latest update from Dolly’s foster dad:
Dolly and I have been going to her 3x weekly cold laser therapy in an effort to alleviate the ear polyps. Where previously most vets were advocating we operate on both ears, the laser therapy seems to have helped her previously ablated ear(possibly something left inside the middle ear when it was ablated causing periodic inflammations) and there is no more swollen cysts or open wound areas left other than some scar tissue on that right ear. So that’s the good news.

However, after taking her to multiple vets(4 at last count) and the regular visits to the surgery center (where we get the laser treatment) her other ear is looking as if it will indeed have to be ablated. The polyps are continuing to grow and we go through a routine every morning where she shakes her head and rubs at her ear furiously until I am able to give her some pain medication. And even after that, more and more frequently throughout the day as time passes. You can now clearly see the polyps coming up through the ear and nothing I have tried is slowing them down… laser therapy, diet, medications, etc…

As much as I wanted to NOT cause her to be deaf in the second ear, it’s looking unavoidable. It is making her miserable and given a choice between alleviating misery and hearing, I don’t see any alternatives and do not want to force her to endure much more discomfort. So, we will probably be scheduling surgery the middle of the month (a week from now). I have estimates from two accomplished surgical vets. They will attempt to re-route the ear canal through a new opening if the polyps are not inside the middle ear, but there is no way to know this until they open her up.

Otherwise besides an occasional allergy flare-up (sniffles and pinkish skin, still trying to narrow down the right issues through elimination, but no worse than min personally) she is doing great. There are little moments when her ear isn’t bothering her and she is a frisky little girl playing with the rest of the crew. This has been a long foster, but still important to try and eliminate every possible malady considering the condition she was in when we got her.

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