Tuffet’s new family arrived to meet her yesterday. The family gladly drove all the way from California to South Carolina. They waited until school was out so that the kids could travel with mom, turning the trip to get Tuffet into a family, cross country vacation. Tuffet was a big hit in downtown Charleston, where many tourist thought she was the main attraction. We all took turns carrying her as the family was site seeing, because exercise is not Tuffet’s thing 🙂 For a short girl, she gets heavy quick. Tuffet is trading the east coast for the west coast, where the weather is cooler and without all the humidity, breathing will be easier. Tuffet will have two English bulldog siblings, Baylee and Bentley. Both her parents work from home. Tuffet will have lots of love and attention as she continues to put her former years behind her, embarking on her new journey west.