Update March 26, 2016

The French Bulldog Village has wonderful news!! We got a second opinion on Muggles and her kidneys are doing very well. In fact, she is well enough to undergo heartworm treatment! For this reason, she has graduated from being a “hospice” frenchie to being a “foster” frenchie. YAY Muggles!! :)

Update December 12, 2016-

Muggles continues to do well. She has been gaining weight since her spay. However, her foster mom is watching to make sure that Muggles doesn’t gain too much weight, especially since it is the holiday season.

Update October 5, 2016-

After a thorough review of Miss Muggles’ medical records (say that five times fast, we dare ya!), it has been determined that Muggles is in kidney failure. At this point in time we are not sure how long Muggles has left but it’s our plan to keep her as comfortable as possible for as long as possible. Going down Muggles’ laundry list of health issues her vet deemed that the removal of the mast cell tumors were of the utmost concern. In the area they were located they would cause her discomfort if left to grow unchecked. We are very happy to report that Muggles made it through surgery like a champ and has recovered well. Of course we contribute her speedy healing to be the direct result of all the TLC she has bestowed on her from her foster Mom and foster fur Sis.

After surgery Muggles has still been battling the itchies, her foster Mom and vet were trying every medicine, bath, food known to man but still Muggles would continue to itch. It got so bad her foster Mom resorted to putting socks on her to save her from scratching herself raw. After much deliberation, we have started Muggles on Apoquel and her foster Mom reports she is responding dramatically well to this medication. We are aware that this could impact her already challenged kidneys, however, with a hospice dog, it’s always a balance between quality of life VS quantity. Scratching yourself raw because you itch so bad, is not a good quality of life. Could you imagine living with poison ivy the rest of your life? Wouldn’t that be awful? In a way, that’s the level of discomfort she had. And yes, we know there are some of you out there unaffected by poison ivy, in your case, substitute poison ivy for mosquito bites!!! :)  

After all this, Muggles came down with pyometra, which is a serious infection of the uterus. While a spay was on the long list for Muggles, it was moved up immediately. Our hopes to not throw too many procedures at once at this girl, changed instantly. Muggles had to go back under the knife. An emergency spay was done and once again Muggles showed her strength and pulled through. It’s a shame to think that infection and her heartworm infestation are two issues that could have been prevented had Muggles received the proper care in her life. This poor girl has had nothing but negative thrown at her and yet she keeps her spunky spirits up and doesn’t fault the human race who so desperately failed her. We love Muggles and we have promised her nothing but the very best!  

I am not sure there is a sadder case than our poor Muggles. This girl was surrendered to our rescue by a person that obtained her from a local shelter. After a short time it became apparent that her dog and Muggles did not get along. Muggles has not shown any trouble in her foster home with the other smaller dog she resides with so we are not sure if that’s truly the reason she was surrendered or if it was because of her intense medical issues. You see, Muggles is having kidney issues (quite possibly kidney failure), she is heartworm positive and has a mast cell tumor near her vulva along with a couple other various lumps and bumps. She’s also battling a severe skin infection and is underweight and malnourished. Whatever reason she was surrendered we are so happy to have her in the care of the Village and our first priority is to get her feeling as good as we can. With so many things going on we are starting with getting her skin infection under control and getting her weight up. Once we get her stabilized we will then make a decision as to what will be the best path medical wise for her. Our main concern is keeping Miss Muggles happy and comfortable!  The best thing to see is that Muggles spirit has not been affected in the least. She is so happy to now be inside in the air conditioning and have her foster Mom and sister near her for company. It’s apparent from her condition and her new found affinity for being inside that she was an outside dog. Can you imagine this sweet little girl being left outside to fend on her own in the Florida heat and humidity being eaten alive by mosquitos and likely being infected over and over again with heartworm? It’s deplorable. But like Muggles, it’s time to focus on the positive and be thankful that we are able to show Muggles that not all people are bad and what being a spoiled dog is all about! We can’t wait to see her “After” photo shots!

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