We need help for a little girl that we just brought into the Village.   This angel was dumped in a ditch, abandoned and alone.  She would not have been able to survive long on her own if she had not been discovered, because she is paralyzed.   She has many of the characteristics of a puppy mill breeding dog.  Her toes are splayed, probably from spending her life in a wire cage.  She is full of worms. She is emaciated.  She has lesions on her hind quarters from dragging herself around.  It is apparent that she’s had several litters of puppies.

Our best guess is that she was used for breeding until she became paralyzed – and then she was, quite literally, tossed aside. It’s heartbreaking to know that someone could dump this baby in a ditch and drive away – leaving her there alone – weak, struggling to move, scared and vulnerable. We have named her Lacey.  She needs a lot of medical care and a lot of love.  She will need a cart as soon as possible.  The cart she is shown using below belongs to the rescue that brought Lacey to our attention.  She was not able to take it with her, because they keep it on hand for handicapped dogs that are in their care.  And as you can see – it doesn’t fit her as it should anyway.  We will need to have one custom made, so that it fits her properly – allowing her to move with as much ease as possible. She needs treatment for worms.  Her lesions need medical attention.   She will need spayed and all of the other basics, as well.  She may have other issues that we are not yet aware of.

Please show this girl some love by donating to her care.   Let’s get her a cart so that she no longer has to drag herself around.   Let’s show her that she will never be left alone again.  Please help us show her how precious she is.  We are going to make sure that this sweetheart is loved and cared for.