August, formerly Oskar, is thriving in his forever home! His mom and dad absolutely love the little guy who is still only 20 pounds despite being over a year old now. Auggie's stools are much improved, and he loves his new diet of raw foods. 

He loves playing with his fur siblings as well as with stuffed toys and balls. He loves tearing the ears, tails and arms/legs off his stuffies, so there are a lot of mangled toys in the house because of him. 🙂

August has been going to training and has become very good at basic commands, especially "down." He will down for a treat before he even hears the word "down." Haha! Auggie has a lot of energy and keeps his forever parents busy. He usually doesn't crash until around 10 PM each night. 

This past Fall, August took his first trip to the beach and absolutely loved it! He didn't care for the water but loved walking and playing in the sand. He also took a trip on a plane to visit some family states away. He was so good on the plane that people didn't even know his momma was traveling with a dog.

He is absolutely the sweetest and is a great cuddler when he finally lies down to rest. His parents are so thrilled that they were chosen to adopt such a wonderful boy and cannot wait to spend many more years to come with him!