Ellie (formerly Pammy) is LOVING her new family! Her forever parents and human brother love her very much! She is absolutely enamored with her fur brother as you can tell by the photos of them with their necks intertwined (this is how they sleep often)! Her mommy is spoiling her by sewing her new pretty sweaters for the winter.


Here are some words from her forever mommy:

“It seems like she’s always been a part of the family. She really is a perfect fit. She is mostly inseparable from her canine younger brother, Watson. She isn’t fazed by the antics of her wild-child human brother. And still barks and antagonizes our senior Boston, Angus, until he plays with her.

She went on her first ever beach vacation (she enjoyed the sand, the sunroom and lots of extra snuggles on our getaway). And she of course strained her leg two days before we were supposed to leave! Convincing this crazy girl to take it easy is seeming near impossible! She is still limping, but her joint/previously broken leg is solid. She just needs to take it easy if we can reign in her energy a bit!”


We are thrilled for Ellie and her new family. They sound perfect together!