We received the below update from Ellie’s forever mom:

“This adorable girl is the perfect fit in our crazy little household. Ellie is so loved. So sassy and definitely stubborn! She has this look when you ask her to do something. Like go potty outside. In the cold. Before bed. And she’s clearly contemplating it. And ultimately decides it’s not worth it. And because she’s so cute, she usually gets away with it. She’s such a happy-go-lucky girl after everything she has been through in her short life. Her limp and scars remind us of that. We are so thankful she is here snuggled with us. And we can’t believe we are lucky enough to be able to spoil her.”

Thank you so much for the update! This makes us so happy to see how happy and loved she is in her forever home. Thank you for taking such great care of her!