Mickey’s mom and dad sent us this wonderful update, as well as engagement photos they took with the pups on the beach (apparently, they enjoyed the beach...but not so much the picture taking):


“We adopted Mickey a little over 7 months ago and he’s been the perfect fit for our family. Him and Frankie are the best of friends and absolutely love each other. We recently added a kitten to the mix too and Mickey has been awesome with him. When Mickey isn’t playing with Frankie or the kitten you can find him cuddled up to his puppy brother or laying on top of one of us. He’s a HUGE cuddle bug. We absolutely love Mickey and are so lucky that we had the chance to adopt him.”


We love these wonderful updates we receive from the parents of our alumni dogs. It makes our hearts so happy to hear how well they are doing in their forever homes. Mickey is one lucky fellow to have such a great family!