We bring to you the story of alumna Charm, who was part of our very large rescue known as the “Georgia 10.”
Charm was put up for adoption September 7, 2017.  By September 30, 2017, she was in her forever home with Scott, Kristie and Kade.  When she was adopted, she was 7 years old and weighed 21 pounds.  Charm was the last of the rescue that needed to find her home.  We are told that Charm is a typical Frenchie.  She is a “couch potato,” loves the sun and cuddling, and being petted all the time, as well as being provided with all the attention.
Kristie and family have informed us that Charm is doing wonderfully.  They love her so much.  Charm loves her trips to Starbucks for puppy lattes and taking trips in the car with the family.  They also have a Shih Tzu that has welcomed Charm into his life.  He normally doesn’t appreciate having others around, but Charm has stolen his heart.  He just adores her!