This is the story about a little girl formally known as Peaches.  She is now Gigi, short for Giselle.  When Gigi walked into her new home in October 2016, she felt right at home there.  She plopped into each person’s lap for snuggles and kisses.  It was as if she knew this was her new family.
Gigi is a super sassy girl.  She doesn’t bark; she “talks” and it is so funny.  She will complain, she will tell you to “hurry up,” and she will “talk back ” if she feels you have offended her.  She is a gorgeous doll baby.
Her (human) brothers love her so much.  She waits for them to come home from school every day and smothers them with lots of Frenchy kisses.  Gigi gets a special treat on Thursdays.  She goes to visit grandma and granddaddy’s house. They come to get her and she looks forward to the five minute ride in their car!  They spoil her rotten and she really brings them such joy!  She enjoys getting treated like the princess she really is.
“Her skin allergies are pretty tough to manage and her veterinarian has recommended we see an allergist.  She licks her paws and chews on them all the time.  We have put her on a hypoallergenic diet, but her allergies persist despite steroids and allergy medicine.  We are still working to get her comfortable.”
The FRENCH BULLDOG VILLAGE is so happy for Miss Gigi.  She is being loved and treated royally, like every French Bulldog should.