Our alumna of the day is Miss Lexi who lives in Virginia. Just a quick little rundown on how Lexi was living until The Village rescued her and she was then adopted by Jeff and Blake. Lexi was rescued by Crystal Hart, who found her on Craigslist. She called the person listed and went to see Lexi. She belonged to a backyard breeder. She had chronic ear infections for years which were left untreated and was also infested with fleas. She was underweight at 20 pounds. Thanks to Crystal who bought Lexi on the spot and took her home with her. Fast forward a couple of months and this is what Jeff and Blake have to say about her today:
Miss Lexi has been a wonderful addition to our family; everyone who meets her falls in love immediately. She loves lounging with her two brothers, Jeb and Mr. Mugz, but her favorite time of day is meal time.  She also loves to compete with her brothers to see who can snore the loudest; spoiler: she almost always wins. LOL!
The first couple of months she was with us were quite eventful. From recurring ear infections to paws that would be chewed completely raw, we were struggling to diagnose and treat her skin issues. After several failed dietary modifications and medicinal treatments, our vet decided to send off Lexi’s blood for allergy testing. The ensuing report revealed 25 different allergens to which Lexi had severe reactions. From environmental to food allergies, our poor girl was constantly in a state of anaphylaxis. It was no wonder she was so miserable! With her most severe food allergies being pork, beef, rice, peas, and soy, the mission became treating her symptoms and finding a food she could actually have.
I am happy to report that for the last three months, Lexi has seen huge improvement through the use of scheduled allergy sensitivity shots and a daily dose of Apoquel. We hope to eventually discontinue the Apoquel, but she will require monthly allergy sensitivity shots for the rest of her life. In the meantime, her ear infections have subsided and her feet have healed beautifully. Our girl is a happy, healthy PUP again!
On another  note, I understand Crystal shared our pug’s, Mr. Mugz, recent health issues with THE FRENCH BULLDOG VILLAGE.  I would like to say “thank you” for everyone’s support and prayers. He was subsequently diagnosed with an L1-L2 herniation of the spine with 60% spinal cord compression. He had an emergent hemilaminectomy performed at the Virginia-Maryland Medical College of Veterinary Medicine at Virginia Tech. He has a long recovery ahead of him including 6 to 8 weeks of cage confinement but we are confident he will walk again.
We are happy that we were the ones chosen to adopt Lexi!