Villagers, we have a great update for you on our alumna, Lolita!!
We contacted Lolita’s forever mom who informs us that Lolita is doing well. Her mom reports, “she still (very much) dislikes other dogs and cats, but tolerates her current situation as we intentionally set up our home so that she is safe and happy and our other dogs are safe and happy and all seems to work out okay. It is not ideal but after a year of trying to find that perfect situation during her fostering, we all decided that she is a happy dog in an imperfect situation–describes many of us, doesn’t it?”
Her family absolutely adores her spirit. “She is cuddly and talky and loves her Nylabone-brand dinosaurs that she chews with gusto. She is smart. She loves car rides…and her allergies are under control so she is no longer a pink dog.” They are glad that they don’t have to worry that she is in a situation that could unintentionally spark her—Lolita can be fierce and fiercely protective. She is safe with them and they love her!
We are so happy that Lolita and her family are making it work….they are perfect together!