Today the FRENCH BULLDOG VILLAGE RESCUE brings you our alumna Snort.  When Snort was part of the VILLAGE, she was known as Lulu.  Lulu was adopted in 2015.
This is her story:
When Snort’s mom first saw our email, she thought we had sent it to the wrong person.  Michelle totally forgot who Lulu was and that she had changed her name.
Snort is doing great.  According to her mom, she plays all the time.  Occasionally, she falls over onto her back due to the hump in her lower back, but once she’s back on her feet, she just wants to play again.  She is very possessive of her toys and makes all sorts of noises while she carries them around.  We can all just imagine the noises.  The other dogs have no interest in her toys, but she is keeping them at bay.
Snort is a real character according to her mom.  But then she is a Frenchie and aren’t they all.