Drum roll please!  We have another short story to bring you regarding one of our alumni.
This is about Joey in Virginia.  Joey was part of the Georgia 10 surrender.  He was born on January 14, 2008.  He was such a lucky boy.  He was fostered by Bev Williams and then adopted by her on June 21, 2017.
No one is ever a stranger to Joey.  He came to the Village with chronic ear infections and a head tilt to the right.  He has one floppy ear.
Joey refuses to go into a crate.  This little guy enjoys his freedom and Bev allows him to have it.  He never wants to be alone.
According to Bev, there are three things that Joey loves.  He just loves to be held, he loves his food and he is obsessed with getting into the dishwasher.
Joey is a “ham” and Bev enjoys every minute with him.  What a lucky rescue for him!