Hi Villagers.  This is the story of Otto.  Otto’s original name was Captain.  He is another dog that was adopted in 2013.  Marie has sent us so much information about him.
Otto is the love of her life and was lying on top of her in bed when she sent our FBV alumni coordinator this information.
“For 20 years my husband and I have had pit bull terriers and for the last 12 years we had volunteered, fostered and adopted pit bulls through an Oregon rescue organization.  After losing three of our four dogs in just two years, I wanted to explore getting a smaller dog.  I found Otto on your website and applied for him immediately.  I felt like we were meant to be (turns out I was right).  Even though he was living all the way in Iowa with his foster family and I was all the way in Oregon, I was chosen to be his new mama.
He had a bad eye that needed medicine every couple of hours and he had behavior issues that I was familiar with due to my years in rescue.  I work from home so I am able to take care of him for 24 hours and help him with his separation anxiety.
After three years, we made the difficult decision to take his eye out.  He has been so much happier!  It must’ve been painful.  His massive drooling problem stopped completely and he became much more spunky.
I literally do not have any idea how I ever lived without this dog.  He is always 2 inches from me… in the bathtub, walking in the yard, working at my computer, you name it.  He is my best buddy.  He still won’t walk on a leash, so I have a stroller.  We don’t let a pesky leash stop us from enjoying the outdoors together.  It’s hard to put into words how much I adore this 30 pound little bulldog.  He has so many nicknames… The pancake, pumpkin, jelly… I always tell him he is “perfection in a dog’s body.”  I love his loud breathing, his funny noises, his zoomies, and the way he pushes his flat little face into my body.  I’m thankful every day that we found each other.”
Of course, we love Marie and that she loves her little baby boy.  We know from her letter that Otto is living the life now.