Today we have the story of Wembley.  Wembley was adopted around March 2014 by CJ and Jennifer.  Wembley was originally pulled from the shelter after being hit by a car. He was lame in both back legs and needed help immediately. The FRENCH BULLDOG VILLAGE RESCUE took Wembley in and got him the help that he needed.  Eventually, Wembley would need a permanent home. That is where CJ and Jennifer came in.  As of today, three years later, this is what CJ has to say about Wembley:

“Wembley is doing great! We spent most of last year in Indianapolis, on a work assignment, but we are back at home in the Virgin Islands now and no one is happier about it than Wembley.  We think he’s half pirate. He’s been a fantastic addition to our family and is a very patient big brother to his new little sister, Francis, an adorable island rescue. Wembley is pretty much the star of the show wherever we go. He went to daycare and training while we were in the states and sometimes when we would pick him up, it would turn out that he spent most of the day snuggling with the staff in the office. He’s that kind a guy.

His health has been good. He really made a remarkable recovery from his accident; thanks to you guys. He gets around great and we have to work at keeping him from jumping off of things. One fairly new development is that we took him to a dermatologist when we were in Indiana because he had a tendency to get rashes. We changed him to a hypoallergenic diet and it has made a huge difference for him.

Thanks for checking in.

Cj, Jennifer, Wembley and Frances”

What could make us happier than a story like this! Just one additional thing that was concerning and we would like to bring it to everyone’s attention. Wembley was microchipped when he was originally found. When the shelter took him in and tried to get in touch with his owners, the information was incorrect. Please check with your microchip company and make sure the information they have on hand for your baby is correct.  If you move, please make sure that you update the information and keep on top of the phone numbers, addresses, etc. that the microchip company has on file.

We are so happy for Wembley!!!

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