UPDATE 1/11/2018:

Alyse is still having issues with her ears, but her foster mom and the vet are working together to get her ear infections cleared up. Alyse’s foster mom reports that she is very cooperative with grooming. She is still working on housetraining and still needs to be spayed. She does not like the cat in her foster home and has exhibited a high prey drive. Please keep checking in for more updates on Alyse!

UPDATE 12/11/2017:

Alyse had a re-check exam at the vet and her blood work, as well as urine and fecal tests, came back with clear results. She has a slightly elevated liver enzyme; however, the vet says not enough to cause alarm. Just in case, her foster mom plans to add a liver supplement to her food to help support her liver function. Her ears are still a mess and she still has a head tilt but every effort is being made to improve this. Alyse had a bad case of worms and was treated with a course of deworming. She is now microchipped and her cone is off! YAY!!!

Despite her medical issues, she is one very happy girl. She has settled into her foster home very well and now wants to play with the other dogs in the house. Alyse does, however, have a distaste for rugs. She starts ruffing them up and begins biting on them….who knows what they ever did to her. Haha! She will begin heartworm treatment soon and hopefully will weigh in a little heavier since she was on the thin side when coming into foster care. Please send this sweet girl some positive vibes and keep watching for more pupdates!

Please welcome Alyse to the French Bulldog Village!! This precious little girl was found dumped on the side of the road by a good Samaritan. Alyse is 4 years old and has terrible ear infections which have resulted in a head tilt. She has had her eye removed as you can see in the pictures, but has not yet been spayed. It looks as though she may have had some puppies in the past. Alyse is one of the sweetest dogs in the world and is loved by everyone who meets her! Please stay tuned for updates on this little girl as she gets settled into her foster home.