UPDATE 5/15/2019:


Yesterday, Annie had the growth on her head and her mammary tumor removed. We are thrilled that this sweet girl is on her way to recovery but she still has a long road ahead of her. She will also need to be treated for heartworm disease. For now, she is resting comfortably in her foster home while we await the results of her histopaths.

Please consider donating to Annie's medical fund. We need to raise a minimum of $700 to get her the heartworm treatment that she needs. Every dollar donated can make a difference in getting this little girl happy and healthy. Without your donations and support, we would not be able to continue helping dogs in need like Annie. ❤️


You can also Venmo us @FrenchBulldogVillage!

Annie is a sweet 3 to 4-year-old who has numerous medical issues that need to be addressed before being ready to be adopted by a forever family. She has skin and ear infections, issues with her tail and rear, possible breast cancer, and a bump on her head. She also has a few c-section scars from previous litters. Annie is heartworm positive, too, but the vet does not want to start treatment until after further evaluating her breast tumor.  

She is fitting in well in her foster home. Her foster mom says she is a great house guest. She has been going to the office with her foster mom and is quite the socialite!

Annie needs a lot of TLC but her foster home is ready to give it and get this girl feeling better. Please stay tuned for updates on how Annie is progressing in foster care.