We have another success story for one of the sweet girls from the East Coast Twelve! These girls came in to the Village in pretty rough shape. Thanks to the generous support of everyone who makes up the Village, we have been able to bring these girls in, get them the care that they need, and show them what life outside of a cage is like. Now, some of them are ready to look for their forever homes. Marmalade is an EC-12 girl, who found a great home, through the French Bulldog Village. Look at the pictures below and see how far she’s come since the day of her intake. It’s a good example of what you make happen, with the support that you provide to the Village.

Here is a note we received from her new mom and dad:

“With the recent passing of Indy, our Frenchie, we thought it was time to adopt…to make a long story short, we adopted Marmalade.

Yesterday we picked up Marmalade to take her home with us, her forever home. She was a little nervous at first, but after about 5 minutes in the car she settled right on down for the hour trip home. When we got her home, she immediately went outside to potty and started exploring. She met her new brother(a 13 year old pug) and continued to sniff around for the next hour or so. She is still a little afraid of people, but warms up quickly. Jaci, has done a great job with her. Later in the evening she was coming up to be petted and eventually fell asleep on my shoulder. A little slow on the eating, but to my surprise she did eat some food last night(she was also slipped in a few pieces of cheese 😉 .. She is such a great little girl, and now has the life she deserves.

I want to give a special thank you to Stephanie, and Jacie for helping make this happen. Also, thank you for all the great work the volunteers do for this organization.”

Adam and Dana