**  ADOPTED **


Location: Arizona

Age: 4 yrs

Sex: Male


Kids: No

Cats: No

Dogs: No

Adoption fee: $600


Arnie recently went to surgery for a herniated disc in his spine.  He is doing very well physically and has been given the all clear for adoption.  Arnie can walk, and even run, and continues to get stronger with each passing day.  He will sometimes “skip” with a back leg, but that is normal, and with continued activity, should resolve.  He is predicted to return to 100% mobility.

Arnie is all up to date on his shots, heartworm and flea meds. He does great with grooming, vet visits, ear cleaning, nail trimming and even shots!  Good boy Arnie!  He does not appear to have seasonal or food realated allergies though his foster mom says he will lick his feet from time to time.  He eats Wellness, in the fish formula, and since he’s done well on it, we’d like his new owner to continue with this diet.

Due to his surgery, Arnie would be considered more fragile than your typical Frenchie, and therefore he should be “handled with care”!  This means young children are not a good match for Arnie.  As cute as he is they would not be able to resist trying to pick him up, or lay on him, both things that could cause re-injury.  As much as Arnie loves everyone at the vet hospital, and they him, he doesn’t want to return there anytime soon!

That being said, don’t be shy, tell us how you would care for Arnie, how you would protect his back from futher injury?  Would you carry him up and down the stairs; would you build a ramp for him to get into the couch or bed? Do you have previous experience with a Frenchie or a dog who’s had a back injury?

Arnie is a very good boy, but is a sensitive gentleman.  A nice, calm household where he is the only dog is where he will shine like a diamond he is.  Over excitement can mean naughtiness for Arnie, so we are recommending that he go to a single dog household with no children.   Arnie is generally well-behaved, he knows “sit”, “lay” and even “speak”! He’s a smart boy who would do well with additional obedience training.  Arnie does not respond to yelling as a form of discipline, and has occasionally growled at his disciplinarian.  Only positive reinforcement training for this boy, please!

Arnie does show signs of food/treat/antler agression to other dogs, however not to people.  He is fed separately and his food is picked up as soon as he is finished to avoid any issues.  Arnie has lived with a kitty, however this kittie is is extremely tolerant of Arnie’s chasing and romantic attention.  We are not sure that all cats would be this understanding so unfortunately for Arnie, we must say no to kitties in the household.

Arnie does not require a lot of attention and is quite happy to lay on his frog or his bed and chew his antler.  He is potty trained and housetrained.  He is left loose in the house when he is alone and does great with it.  Arnie has not shown any signs of separation anxiety but will bark out the window at activities in the neighborhood.   A very busy apartment community may not be best for him as his barking could irritate the neighbors.   If the new owners wanted to use a crate or baby gate upon introducing Arnie to the house, they should be aware that adjustment to this would be needed.

Ideally, Arnie would be happiest with an owner that was around 24/7 or worked at a tennis ball factory and took him to work with them. However, we know it’s next to impossible for THAT to happen.  While a retired person, or a person that works from home would be an excellent fit, we will consider individuals who can come home at lunch to visit Arnie, or could take him to work with them.  Arnie just says make sure you have some tennis balls around!

Arnie will need a strong, kind, calm, patient and confident leader.  He looks to his person for guidance and direction.  Is your ying aligned with your yang?  Are you full of zen and peace?  Do you have enough to share with this lovely boy?  Because if you do, and Arnie’s the only dog around,  it’s hard to imagine that he could be a naughty boy!

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