We received the below update from Arya and Sansa’s forever family:

"Arya and Sansa (formerly Kiya and Cheeka) are doing great! We are now a household of three humans and five dogs as my mother recently moved in with us. Arya is the Queen, and she demands to be the center of attention. She would love to live in a world where there is at least one person petting and snuggling her at all times. Sansa has become my little shadow; she is with me wherever I go. She has also mastered the art of the big puppy dog eyes especially when we are eating.

When we first got them Arya was all about snuggles and Sansa all about her toys, but now they are both full-blown snuggle bugs. They are always curled up next to me wherever I am, much to the chagrin of my husband who loves to cuddle with them too. Sansa actually does the cutest thing when I come home from work; she gets so excited she starts to make a noise almost as if she is crying. It is unlike any noise I have heard before, but she only does it for me. And immediately after rolls over for belly rubs. They love people more than other dogs. They tolerate our golden retriever Gordie and now will actually let him play with them, so we are making progress there.

They are absolutely the two funniest, sweetest, goofiest dogs ever and we just love them wholeheartedly. Adopting them has been one of the best decisions we ever made. They instantly became a part of our family. It is as if they have always been with us. Thank you for everything you and the FBV does! You changed our lives for the better and we are eternally grateful!"

Thank you so much for sharing the update on Arya and Sansa. We are so happy to hear they are doing great in their forever home!