This is a short story about our boy, Atticus. Atticus was originally surrendered in 2013. At that time, he was having some aggression problems.

He found a home in 2014. Unfortunately, that wasn’t intended to be his forever home. He was surrendered again in 2016 with behavioral issues and aggression. At that point in time, he did nibble on the fingers of his foster’s friend. Once again, Atticus was taken off the adoption list.

Fast forward to 2017 when his foster father decided to adopt him.

Now, we move the timeline to January 2018 and this is what dad has to say about his boy Atticus:

“He is loving life. He is really healthy, no allergies, gets plenty of walks and plenty of couch time. He has his own day room to hang out in with a bunch of dog beds and sunshine through the windows while I am at work”.

We here at French Bulldog Village Rescue are so grateful to his foster dad for giving Atticus a loving home.