Here is a wonderful update on our alumna, Bailey. Bailey was surrendered by a gentleman who very much loved her but no longer had the time to care for her due to an illness in the family. She was adopted by a wonderful couple back in March 2018, and they are crazy in love with this precious girl!

This is what Bailey’s forever mom had to say about what she has been up to with her new family:

It was love at first kiss. It was natural. And there was no “warming up” period. Bailey (Baby) knows how wonderful her life is. She and our other Frenchie Cocoanut have a morning routine where they know what’s expected of them outside. Then, they race like wild beasts into the house and upstairs to the kitchen where their creative, all nutritious raw meal awaits. They lick their bowls so clean I wonder why I even wash them 🧐.

Then we go on our first walk of the day which both love because they get to sniff all the glorious ocean scents. The rest of the day is equally enjoyable as Bailey loves to perch on the window seat or sills and bark at whomever hasn’t asked permission to stroll by.
Bailey is sweet and cuddly. She’s velcroed to me all night which is fine with me. And she wakes me up with her kisses. She’s perfect!
Thank you to Bailey’s forever parents for taking such great care of her and loving her to the fullest! We are so happy to see her thriving in her new home.