Please welcome six pound cutie Bailey to French Bulldog Village. Bailey is just a puppy and was surrendered by her previous owners due to having a bad heart. She has been considered a candidate for corrective heart surgery (balloon valvuloplasty) and is being fostered in Florida within a drivable distance to a veterinary cardiologist.

Bailey is loving it in her foster home. Her foster mama bought her a new harness and a new toy upon her arrival. She is living with a foster Frenchie sibling named Wully who was not happy with Bailey’s presence at first but is slowly growing accustomed to her.

Bailey is very vocal! She is also a good eater and likes to play. She is good at climbing and has now been climbing out of her x-pen. Bailey’s foster mom is in the process of getting another pen that she will not be able to escape. Please stay tuned for more info on this little sweetie’s progress in foster care!