Bella is not yet ready for adoption. We are still evaluating her personality/behaviors and addressing her medical needs. An email notification will be sent when she becomes ready for adoption. If you wish to receive the notification, please sign up for our mailing list at the top of the front page of our website. Adoption fees are set at the time a dog goes available and applications can only be submitted at that time. Please follow our website and social media pages for updates on Bella!

Please welcome, Bella, the wonder dog to FBV! Bella was surrendered to the Village when it was noticed that she didn't use her back legs like she should. She scoots around on her legs or uses a wheelchair. Despite her limitation of only partial use of her back legs, she still likes to run around, especially with other dogs. She's fast on her wheels but can also go pretty fast without them. She definitely gets the zoomies like any other puppy from time to time.


Bella is very much a typical 7-month-old puppy. She's really into chewing (sometimes on inappropriate things like the leg of her foster mom's coffee table) and loves the tough Nylabone toys. She makes cute little snorting noises while she plays and loves when someone plays with her. However, she will play with toys by herself or lie by her foster mom’s feet while she cooks dinner if no one is actively playing with her.


Given her hind end issues, we are still assessing her level of continence. We think some of her potty accidents are behavioral, though, since she is still a pup. Her foster family is working on potty training with lots of treats and praise.


Bella is as sweet as can be. She loves other dogs. She fearlessly played with a friend's German Shepherd and loves to play with her foster sibling, Jax. She follows her foster mom around like she is scared for her to go into another room, but she's not one of the Velcro Frenchies that has to be touching you at all times. She is content to lie on the floor by her people’s feet and just chew a toy while they watch TV. When she is very tired, she will look at her people with sad eyes until they pick her up to cuddle.


Everyone please welcome Bella! Stay tuned for updates on this pretty girl.

We greatly appreciate any and all donations! $400 will help us provide Bella with some basic essentials, such as food, bowls, and a leash, as well as help us cover some of her vet bills.

You can also Venmo us @FrenchBulldogVillage or text "DONATEFBV" to 44321 to donate through our secure link!