Location: TN

Age: 6

Sex: Female/Spayed

Weight: 22lbs




Available As Of: 7/30/16

Adoption Fee: $300

Bella’s previous owner was unable to afford her care and made the heartbreaking decision to surrender her to the Village. When Bella came into our rescue she was in serious need of medical attention. She was in heat, her skin was a mess and she had a pretty nasty looking eye. Our intake photos taken by her foster Mom show the original condition of her eye…. we can’t imagine how painful that was for her.  At the time she was also sporting purple panties because of being in heat but she didn’t complain one bit.

More recent photos are evidence of all the love and TLC she’s been getting. She looks great and is feeling much better now that she’s had her spay and lots of medicated baths! We are still battling issues with her eye, while it’s better and she’s more comfortable, it’s just not 100% yet. So her foster Mommy is taking her to the ophthalmologist for further consultation. It’s likely that Bella will need to be on some sort of maintenance medication for her eye the remainder of her life. Here’s the great thing though….


We think that’s worth all capital letters because if you’ve ever had a dog that does not take medication easily, you know how much of a challenge it is! We think that Bella appreciates the attention she’s getting and knows it’s making her feel better. Bella also tolerates her medicated baths, even though she doesn’t enjoy them. These baths along with daily allergy medication have gone a long way to getting her to where she’s at and should be continued (though with less frequency obviously) in her new home.

Bella is a typical alpha Frenchie female but she’s manageable and takes direction very well. When she initially came into foster care, she was very nervous and would even growl while eating. Now that she’s settled in her foster Mom can pet her while eating with no issues. She is much calmer all around personality wise but she still has a tendency to be growly when she doesn’t get her way. Telling her to get off the bed or to go into her crate and she will voice her displeasure at the unfairness of it all. She had never snapped but she still receives time out for this unwanted behavior. Her new owners should continue to keep this in check and work with her to show her how a lady should act!

Bella is good with other animals, even the kitty cat kind and has an adorable playful personality. She is one pretty lady and has an amazing ability to make the cutest faces. This is one pretty Frenchie and now that her medical issues are getting under control, passing the lead to her new owner should be an easy transition.

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