Location: Pennsylvania

Age: 3-4

Sex: Male, neutered

Weight: 20 lbs.

Kids: yes

Cat: yes

Dogs: Yes

Adoption fee: $600

Please welcome Benny to the available page! Benny came to French Bulldog Village after being taken in as a stray by an Ohio shelter. The shelter originally listed this guy as 7, but after his initial vet visit, we suspect he might be 3, if that. His foster home says he has the energy of a puppy. He can go full force playing with his foster dog brothers, then pass out sleeping.
Benny has some younger-guy characteristics, too. He loves to have something to chew on and nylabones are a favorite, otherwise he might nibble on your fingers. He’s still learning some manners, particularly not to get nippy with others at food time (he’s a big fan of food, so some caution in keeping those manners in force will be important for Benny moving forward), along with some pottying outside skills. He’s doing great though. His foster mom says he’s about 95 percent reliable.
Other than that, Benny’s a perfect little Frenchie. He loves other dogs, doesn’t particularly care about the cat in the home, and eagerly and happily greets kids and adults in the home alike when they’re coming home from being away. Oh, and he’s crate trained, too!
Benny would be a good fit in many homes, but he’d likely do best with another canine companion who could show him the ropes around the house. He will need consistent training as we all know Frenchies can be a bit stubborn and like to do things their way. Training will help Benny to stay the right course, not develop negative habits and continue to be the gem of a dog he is. A fenced in yard would be a plus as Benny likes to explore. He does well on a leash, but is more likely to easily do his business “per se” when he’s free roaming.
At the end of the day, Benny loves nothing more than to cuddle up with his human companion as they watch their favorite show or a game on TV. He’s a sweet, fun-loving boy looking for his forever family.
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