The family of Bentley (formerly known as Biscuit) wrote to us and gave us a wonderful update on how the little man is doing in his forever home. Per his momma, he is doing very well and everyone in the family, including resident American Bulldog, Hank, are madly in love with him.

His momma reports that he was made for Florida because he seems to hate the cold. He has been reluctant to head outdoors on cold mornings and does not like the thick grass at home. So…because this boy is already spoiled…his family puts a jacket on him and mowed the grass down lower. Now all is well!!

Since moving into his forever home, Bentley has only gone pee inside once. Getting the little stinker to poo outside was initially a bit of challenge, though. This has improved now with consistency and his mom “treating each pooing like he’d produced gold.”

Bentley and Hank play so hard sometimes that their momma can’t get them to go on walks. They usually take walks in the morning and again in the afternoon, but some days the pups won’t even look at mom when she goes for their leashes. She figures “playing with your big, long leg brother is a lot more fun than walking to a dog with really short legs.”

Forever mom reports, “We can’t imagine life without Bentley. He’s a joy!”…and while she thanked FBV for letting her family be his forever home in her letter, we are the thankful ones for this amazing family taking such great care of Bentley!