Bentley was adopted from THE FRENCH BULLDOG VILLAGE on May 8, 2016.  As per our procedure, we sent his owners, Bonnie and Chris, a letter to see just how Bentley is doing.  This is what they had to say:  “Bentley is a handsome, photogenic, sweet, loving boy. We just adore him.”  Sometimes Bentley, in the true Frenchie way, “just gets naughty.”  Of course, we can all relate to that.  So, Bonnie and Chris have decided to look into a trainer and Bentley will be attending school very shortly.

Lucy is Bentley’s sister.  The two love to romp around the house together until they are finally exhausted.

We are so happy to have another successful FRENCH BULLDOG VILLAGE alumnus to bring to you.  Keep watching….more are coming!