Berber in Georgia

Berber is a 9-year-old sweetheart who was surrendered by his family when they no longer were able to care for his medical issues. Berber came to FBV with a melting ulcer in his left eye, weakness in his back end from severe upper spine deformities, yeast and bacteria in his ears and some dental issues. He has been seen by numerous vets, including an ophthalmologist for the melting ulcer which healed with the eye drops prescribed and the diligence of his foster mom in giving the drops. Berber also has cataracts in both his eyes. He will need to continue to see a veterinary ophthalmologist to monitor his left eye and his cataracts.

Berber has some fecal and urinary incontinence if not taken out frequently but does not mind wearing belly bands. He has been receiving physical and cold laser therapy to help his mobility and continence. These two treatments will likely be required for the rest of his life. Berber will need his anal glands stimulated daily in order to defecate if he has not had fecal incontinence. He's taken out every 2-3 hours in his foster home. If he's made to wait longer than that (especially if he didn't have a bowel movement on his previous potty break), he will likely have an accident in the house.

Mr. Berber is generally a laid-back couch potato. Occasionally, when his human returns home from running errands, Berber will strut his stuff and do a little happy dance for that person. He also does a cute happy dance when he knows he's getting food, a treat, or a fresh bowl of water. He's a smart little guy that learns his feeding schedule quickly.

Berber loves treats and chew bones. He doesn't care too much for dog toys but loves munching on crunchy fish treats and smoked dog bones. He also loves being brushed. He'll walk up to his human if he sees he/she has a brush in hand. If he smells good food in the kitchen or he knows it's feeding time, he'll stare at his human. He'll bark to get your attention if he thinks it's been too long….LOL!

Berber is crate trained but prefers not to be crated. A home in which someone is home all day is ideal for Berber but someone who works and can come home at lunch or have a dog walker come midday would also be an option. A fenced yard is preferred, but not required.

Berber is initially shy, but once he warms up to you, he's very loving and adorable. His physical limitations don't hold this pupper back from sharing his love and his spunky, bold, and cute personality. He's very easy to love. He has shown no aggression in his foster home but will put other dogs and cats in their place if they get too close for comfort.