Berber in Georgia

Berber is a sweet 9-year-old who was surrendered by his family when they no longer had the time to provide him the care he required. Berber is being fostered in Georgia by a wonderful family who is helping nurse him back to health. Berber came into rescue with a melting ulcer in his left eye. He is currently being treated by an ophthalmologist for his ulcer which will take weeks to heal. Berber also has weakness in his back end from severe upper spine deformities, yeast and bacteria in his ears, and some dental issues that require treatment before he becomes available for adoption.

Berber is incontinent but does not mind wearing belly bands. He generally is unable to defecate without assistance from his human and will experience incontinence in the car…even during short car rides because of anxiety. He cannot stand for very long and is only able to walk short distances.

Berber has been placed on a diet while in rescue and has trimmed down to a healthy 22 lbs which is helping him stand a little better. He gets along very well with the resident dogs in his foster home and even doesn’t mind the resident cats. He is absolutely the most precious little man one will ever meet!

At this time, Berber is still being treated for multiple medical issues and is not ready for adoption. Please stay tuned for updates on his progress in foster care!