Location: Florida

Age: 3 yrs

Sex: Male, neutered

Weight: dieting!

Kids: Older fine

Cats: no

Dogs: Yes

Adoption fee: $600

Meet the Village’s big beautiful boy named Bentley!

Bentley is a wonderful boy. Frenchies like him do not come around often at all. So if you’ve been looking and considering making the leap to add a pup to your household, please consider him.

Bentley is a much loved owner surrender. His owner tearfully contacted our organization when he was faced with growing vet bills trying to pin down a diagnosis for Bentley’s breathing and what appeared to be heart issues. It was originally thought that Bentley had pulmonary hypertension and an enlarged heart. His owner could no longer afford additional testing and Bentley was no longer able to deal with the 3 story walk up where he lived. It was in Bentley’s best interest that his owner surrendered him to the Village.

Once Bentley came into foster care it was apparent that he was very much overweight. His breathing was suffering and he wasn’t able to play but for a few seconds before becoming out of breath. His loving foster immediately got him into an experienced cardiologist and an ultrasound was done. And that’s where something that doesn’t normally happen….happened. Bentley was given the all clear! His heart is in good shape, not enlarged and he does not have pulmonary hypertension! Bentley’s issues are caused by his excessive weight.

While we all are tempted to share treats here and there with our furry friends, Bentley is a Frenchie that needs someone to pay close attention to make sure he gets proper exercise and nutrition. As much as he would love for you to give him “just one bite” that one harmless bite can turn into several and down the road Bentley will be packing on the pounds and be back where he started. We are looking for an owner that understands how serious it is for a dog to become overweight and who is committed to making sure that Bentley stays nice and trim!

Bentley as we’ve mentioned is a WONDERFUL boy. How you say? Well for one he is good with other
dogs, he’s yet to find a dog he can’t get along with. He is a snuggler (his foster Mom has mentioned that he loves to share the bed and lay his head on her cheek). He walks great on a leash, is completely housetrained, tolerates bathing AND nail trims!!! He’s lovable and mellow with just the right amount of spunk and did we mention he lets you trim his toenails?! Seriously how many people can identify with the dog that DOES NOT like nail trims, what a wrestling match that can become!

Bentley as we mentioned, does have some spunk and does like to play. He can play a little rough so
young children would not be a good match for him or very small dogs. Bentley has not been cat tested so in the best interest of our feline friends, we are saying no to households that have a cat.

Bentley came from the big city, yes THE big city of NYC. So he learned how to potty on the sidewalk. This behavior means that he will potty on your driveway, patio, sidewalk etc. It will take time to teach him that grass is the substrate he should use. We are not able to make the commitment to say that this behavior will ever change. So if a little poo or pee on the patio peeves you off, please keep this in mind.

Bentley is a sensitive soul. He is scared of certain noises, he hates when people give him raspberries for example. He is also very afraid of a pig squeak toy that resides in his household. He will try to run away and hide when he’s scared. His new owner must be understanding. A calm quiet household with a soft spoken owner and family members would be perfect. Please no teasing children, we can’t afford to have this big boy’s feelings hurt.

Bentley is learning to love stuffie toys (again no pigs please!!!) and he really likes Nylabones. Bentley while being fostered in Florida is more like a sweet Georgia peach. Please feel free to tell us why you are the perfect match for this boy, and good luck, we imagine the competition for him will be stiff!

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