Bodhi in Virginia

Bodhi, aka Beau, is a precious boy who weighs 22 lbs and is 18 months old. He was lovingly surrendered by his breeder and is in wonderful hands with his foster family in Virginia. He has been to the vet where all his bloodwork was found to be normal, but he was found to have a “non-alarming” sinus arrhythmia (his heart rate increases when he inhales). He also is currently being treated for giardia which is causing him to have bloody diarrhea.

Beau is house trained and has only had one accident in his foster home. He is learning manners and basic commands and is easily corrected. He loves playing with his fur siblings and running around outside with the family. He is a tad toy aggressive (he will take his foster sibling’s bone and when she tries to get it back, he will growl at her) with other dogs but not with the adults in his foster home (foster mom can take toys from him without any trouble). He does not seem to be very fond of smaller humans and will bark and growl nervously at his human sibling, who is 10 years old, if he is standing. Bodhi has not bit or nipped at him and will even walk up to him if he is sitting and allow him to pet him, but Beau will not be placed in a home with young children.

Bodhi is not yet ready for adoption as we are still treating his giardia. He also still needs to be neutered, and his personality continues to be evaluated in his foster home. Stay tuned, though, for updates on this good-looking fellow!