Just as our Alumni Coordinator, Gail, has been doing for the past year, she sent a letter to BOHDI ‘s family
asking about him and how he has been doing. She received an answer from Christine (BOHDI’s mom) that didn’t omit one thing. The following is an excerpt from his mom’s reply on November 20, 2017:

BOHDI is living the most fabulous life since he was adopted on October 9th, 2017.

“We are so happy with how he is doing. I can’t believe it’s been only six weeks today. BOHDI came to us in a diaper. He was clearly uncomfortable in it, and it hampered his walking, which was already severely limited because of his knee and back issues. We removed the diaper and never used another one.

BOHDI was drinking a lot of water and having accidents all the time even though we were taking him out every hour, all day and twice in the night. At that point, we decided to change his food because he didn’t like it and lost interest in it. I went to a holistic store for pets and was convinced by the owner to try a raw food diet. BOHDI was started on Tucker’s brand frozen raw salmon & pumpkin. He loves it. Now, he also gets turkey, pumpkin and pork. It has cut down on his drinking and, therefore, he needs to go out less. Less accidents also!”

BOHDI was given a full medical work up. He was taken to see Christine’s Veterinarian, her laser/PT therapist, her acupuncture/Chinese medicine Veterinarian, the Ophthalmologist and the Animal Neurologist.

“BOHDI goes to sleep at 10:30 PM. He sleeps in a soft sided dog playpen with a bed, blankets and a mat. He chooses what he would like to sleep on. He is walked six or seven times a day. He goes to the park, the beach, an outdoor event, shopping or out to brunch or dinner 3-4 times a week. He walks as much as he wants and when he tires, we put him in his stroller.

In closing, we are very pleased with how well BOHDI has responded to his treatments, routine and new life with us. We live in a small, very dog friendly community. Many people have said how much they love seeing him. They want to know how he is doing and where he is going that day. So many people were interested in him, I decided to make him a Facebook page.”

All you can think of when you read this is that anyone would love to live with Christine and Steve. They certainly know how to spoil someone who really deserves it. And, as we all know, BOHDI sure deserves to be spoiled.