Location: Florida

Age: 6

Sex: Male, neutered

Weight: 29#

Kids: Good w/kids 10yr+

Cats: No

Dogs: Yes

Adoption fee: $600

Looking for the best dog ever!!!  That is what his foster mom thinks of this handsome boy!

Bosco is  incredibly sweet, very gentile and he would do great with dog savy kids.
He has zero food aggression and takes treats nicely.
A perfect gentleman with baths and nail trims.

He gets along well with the other dogs in his foster home, and  he loves all other dogs and has encountered larger dogs at the vets office and gave a play bow and was very pleasant.

He doesn’t mind the crate, but will howl/yodel to be let out. He does settle down after a bit and does howl in the morning.
We let him free range in the kitchen and he did great. No chewing or accidents. He did have a few accidents when he was on the steroid. He was drinking lots of water and the first few accidents were my fault (He tried to tell me). He taps on the door with his paws when he has to go potty.
Not sure how he would do with cats. He doesn’t seem to have a high prey drive.

The best home for him would have a fenced in yard, he loves to explore the backyard, however, he is pretty lazy and could be a good apartment dog, as long as his new owners are committed to him walking on a leash.

His Nares have already been widened and his breathing is great!
He has the BEST EVER snores!!! He loves to lay on his back for belly rubs and he puffs out his cheeks and makes a snorkeling sound.
Bosco is an allergy dog. He is currently being fed Hare Today Gone Tomorrow RAW goat, lamb and Duck. It is expensive, but have had excellent results. We tried Orijin Six Fishes and Acana Duck and he had an adverse reaction to both. He also gets one fish oil pill a day and Dogzymes probiotic with each meal.
He is also on Apoquel. One 16MG pill split in half. He gets half a pill with breakfast and dinner. We are just now reducing the dose to every other day. It has helped him tremendously! The Vet said that he can stay on Apoquel or his new owners can choose to do testing and allergy shots.
He does well with a medicated bath once a week.
He does have a tiny polyp on his anus! Yuck!!! It is a small red bump the size of a pea that appears after he goes poo. The Vet checked it out and he said to watch it, but it’s nothing to worry. Just needs to be monitored.
Bosco is an expert pill spitter outter!!! I have to make little meatballs to hide his pills.
He isn’t great with stairs. He does better if they have carpet. He also has a very long back/body. I would watch out for potential back issues in the future. His back legs are not very strong, but the Vet says he has no mobility issues.
He spent quite a bit of time living outside and sleeping on concrete in his previous home. He does have some calluses and hair loss on his legs and elbows. Some of it is growing back and we are so proud of his hair sprouts!!!
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