Location: California

Age: 5


Weight: 30lbs

Kids:Yes - 10+



Available As Of: 8/28/14

Fenced Yard Required:Yes

Adoption Fee: $500

Brie…aka Breezy is a fun loving, energetic little girl. She loves playing with big dogs, but also knows how to cool herself off….in the mud or sprinklers!

She is housebroken and knows how to use a doggie door. She is well trained and only gets on furniture when you let her know that it is ok. She would do best with another dog because she does not like to be left alone and will howl to show her sadness.

She’s never met a stranger and is good with older kids. Her energy level is high…she plays with her foster brother all day and then goes to the park where she is nonstop! She likes the water and is good with baths. Thank goodness, since she likes the mud! She likes both male and female dogs, but tends to be bossy with larger dogs.

Brie does suffer from allergies and needs to eat hypoallergenic prescription food from the vet’s office…Hills or Royal Canin. This is an expensive food, so please consider that when applying for her. She also needs to be fed separately because she gets possessive around food. She loves treats and will sit, lay down and stay. She is good with commands and is great on a leash. She goes for walks in the morning and her foster brother has taught her the joys of running through the sprinklers to cool off! After playing in the grass or dirt, she must be wiped down with non scented baby wipes or she will get red bumps. This is about as high maintenance as she gets, but these things cannot be ignored.

She loves all toys and needs to be entertained to burn off some of that energy. She likes bones and any type of toy…squeakers, hard bones, etc.  Just make sure they are hypo-allergenic! She loves playing tug of war and keep away….she is stronger than she looks! She likes running after dogs and likes when they chase her for toys. She loves riding in the car with her head out of the front window…aka Breezy 🙂  If you think you are the perfect forever home, fill out an application and tell us why.  Be prepared to come to California, because we do not ship our dogs!

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  • If you are interested in adopting Brie – please fill out an online application. Apply
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