Location: Virginia

Age: 6

Sex: Female, spayed

Weight: 25#

Kids: older/dog savvy

Cats: No

Dogs: Yes, low energy

Adoption fee: $600

Brooklyn had to have surgery and we had to take her off Available status.  Surgery went well, but she has a recovery period ahead of her. We’ll be sending an update on her here soon.

Brooklyn is a beautiful 6 year old black masked fawn.  When she first came to her foster home, she was not a fan of the other dogs in the home, and would react to seeing them beyond the gate.  Since she has gotten more comfortable in her surroundings, she has spent time with the resident dogs and done well.  However, a strong leader must know not to put Brooklyn immediately with his or her dogs, and that she will need very slow intros to become comfortable.

Brooklyn is great with low energy dogs, but will not be good around very high energy dogs.  One of the reasons Brooklyn has a problem with high energy dogs and younger children is a previous back injury.  She hurt her back to the point of paralysis several years ago.  After surgery and extensive physical therapy, she regained total use of her back legs and her health.  However, her owners had become very sensitive to this, and noticed over the years when she was about to have further back issues (the best we know to describe it) and rushed her to the vet for cortisone and nerve pills.  This treatment averted any further serious problems, but is something a new owner will need to be very conscious of.  We feel it is one of the reasons Brooklyn doesn’t get along with rambunctious dogs, she is just guarding her sore back.

She has done very well with older children, 7 and up, and has never been tested around cats, so we will say no due to her prey drive! If you are looking for a sweet beauty who prefers to have you as her own, or with your older, low-energy dogs, then Brooklyn is your girl!

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