UPDATE 1/20/2020

FBV’s Board has decided that allowing Bruno to stay in his current foster home as a hospice pup will be the best for him. He is a senior boy with impaired hearing and vision. He also has a mast cell tumor and terrible separation anxiety. He is comfortable, spoiled and utterly happy in his now forever home. Welcome home, Bruno!


Say hello to Bruno! He is a sweet, 10 to 12-year-old boy who was surrendered to the Village in order for us to find him a more suitable home. Bruno has been such a good boy in his foster home...not one accident in the house, and he is an angel for ear and tail cleanings.

He does well riding in the car. He has been to the vet for a checkup...his bloodwork all came back normal. He had no intestinal or heartworms either. However, he was found to have an ear infection, allergy/skin issues, a lump in need of removal, and eye issues. He was prescribed eye drops, ear drops and medicated wipes. He also will require a dental cleaning. He came into rescue a bit overweight, so his foster mom has started him on a homemade diet for weight reduction.

He is such a wonderful dog! He has been fitting right into his foster home and has been okay with the resident dogs after a slow intro. He is learning that cats are okay too. He loves everyone, and everyone loves him...he has no shortage of love.