Bruno Mars

Location: Northeastern, PA
Age: 2 years
Sex: Male/Neutered
Weight: 29 lbs
Kids: Yes
Cats: Yes
Other Dogs: Yes
Available As Of: 11/12/2016
Adoption Fee: $700

Bruno was surrendered by his owner who loved him very much after she unexpectedly had to return to work full time. She did not want Bruno to live a life of a crate and being alone, so she surrendered him to the Village. It’s not often that we get healthy, well rounded, young pups like Bruno and we anticipate he will receive lots of applications!

The only thing Bruno does need work on, is potty training. If you are the lucky adopter of Bruno you must treat him like he is still a puppy and expect that there WILL be accidents. He is trying his hardest to learn potty training but it’s a work in progress. We know it’s hard when you see his adorable face and one flipped down ear, but if you value your carpets and rugs, Bruno is not the dog for you. His foster Mom reports that he’s pretty good most of the time but he will need to be placed in a home where someone is dedicated to working with him. We are looking for a person who will not get angry or upset when Bruno has an accident. 

Bruno does not crate well and is used to his human being around the majority of the day. Someone that can take him to work, or works from home or is retired would be a good fit for Bruno. We will not place this still young at heart pup with someone who is gone the majority of the day. Bruno loves the company of other dogs, and loves to play! We would really like to find him a home with another energetic and playful pup.

Mr. Mars loves his stuffed and squeaky toys but also loves to snuggle and nap. He’s really the perfect combination of energy and laid back. Oh! And he is a great kisser!

Bruno is allergic to beef and chicken proteins and is currently on a vegetarian diet, Natual Balance Vegetarian dry kibble. He must be kept on this diet or something similar to avoid flare ups.

While Bruno is listed as being good with children. We believe that he would not be good with very young small children as he is still a rambunctious boy with puppyish manners. His energy level with his larger size mean that smaller kids could easily get knocked down and hurt. Keep in mind that his larger size means he will not be able to fly, so potential adopters will need to plan on driving to pick Mr. Mars up. Bruno is also not good with birds.

A fenced yard is preferred.

In closing, Bruno is one of the most loving and fun loving dogs you’ll ever meet. He’s a joy of a dog that deserves someone completely devoted to what’s best for him and someone that will make him an integral part of their family.

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