Brutus was adopted from the French Bulldog Village in May 2016. Since he has been adopted, he has become quite the little traveler….from Florida to Arizona and now to Oregon.  The drive from Florida to Phoenix, Arizona was a little stressful for him.  Of course, every trip needs some excitement so along the way Jessica and Guy (Brutus’ new mom and dad) found a female stray in Louisiana.  What’s one more for the ride? Jessica and Guy were a little concerned about picking up this little girl so they stopped at a local vet to have her checked out.  They knew “Jeannette” needed to be adopted and so she was.  This left Brutus a little emotional.

He is thriving now and gets along very well with their papillon. 

Brutus got to take a dip in the Pacific Ocean.  Jessica and Guy took him to a family event in California.  “On the road again”…..frenchies either love the water or hate it.  Guess what?  Brutus is one that does not like the ocean or the tub.  However, he did enjoy being off his leash and running free with his mom.

Jessica’s good points on Brutus: He is such a sweet dog, gets along with cats and children, very well behaved, and is a ham for the camera.  He managed to get into their engagement pictures in Sedona of all places.  

Jessica’s other points on Brutus: He is quite the manipulator with his big sad eyes and furrowed brow, he does this hilarious cry (they call it dinosaur talk) to get up on the couch, then his “butt gun” goes off for hours, and he snores.  He doesn’t like boots but will wear a winter jacket.

He’s just a little old man!