Butch was born 8/22/2005 and is another member of the GA gang. He has been neutered and is current on vaccinations. This poor little guy is mostly blind and has a pretty wobbly back end, but that doesn’t stop him. He is happy and full of love. Butch has had numerous health issues over the course of his life, but The French Bulldog Village is determined to find the best course of action for this fella.

His foster mom reports that he is doing well in foster care, though he is still having potty issues. He was, however, successful in going #2 two days in a row outside!

Butch has been enjoying roaming around his foster home, even though his foster mom wouldn’t mind him chilling for just a few minutes! Also, he and his foster, dog sibling have been coexisting quite peacefully as they are both very calm pups.

Butch’s foster mom says he is a wonderful addition to his foster family!