Location: Nebraska

Age: 4-5

Sex: Male, Neutered

Weight: 28

Kids: Ages 10+

Cats: Ok

Dogs: Ok w/dogs his size

Available As Of :05/28/14

Adoption fee: $500

They say third time is the charm, and that is the case with handsome Butchie. Butchie was returned from his previous homes, the last for marking and some mild aggression issues. He has not shown any marking in his current foster home and his foster dad reports that it is currently a non-issue. However it should be something that any adopters should watch out for. Butchie did show some guarding behavior toward foster dad, but he was able to be re-directed. We will be looking for a home with experience in these areas, so in your application please include experience you have working with dogs that have resource guarding/aggression issues. Applicants who do not include details on how they will deal with these behaviors will not be selected. We want Butchie’s third home to be his forever home!

Here is a little history on Butchie: This little guy was found wandering the streets, lonely and lost. A good Samaritan found him and spent a great deal of time and effort doing everything she could to find his owner. When no owner was found, she turned him over to The Village, so that we could find him a wonderful forever home.

Butchie is around 4 or 5 years old. Foster dad reports that Butchie is sweet and a total snuggle buddy. He loves to be a couch potato and will make a great companion for nights in front of the
television. He gets so excited about his people to coming home that he lets out a squeal. As much as he loves his couch time, he’s always ready to play at a moments notice. He does well on a leash and loves to take walks with you around the neighborhood.

Butchie is crate trained, but would still prefer not to be crated. This is something else his new family will need to work on with him. He is happiest when he can be with his family. He needs to have boundaries set for him. He is reportedly great with cats as well. He has been around children over the age of 10 and has done great with them. Butchie does really well with the other dogs at the dog park, but long term in his home,  he needs to be an only dog – or in a home with other dogs of his same size.

Butchie is a sweet little man who deserves a fantastic forever home, especially after being passed around so much. If you feel like you are the perfect home for Butchie, pack your bags and get ready to head to Nebraska, because we do not ship dogs!


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