Location: California

Age: 1.5

Sex: Male/Neutered

Weight: 26lbs



Dogs:Yes, His same size

Available As Of: 8/22/14

Adoption Fee: $500

It is the moment we have all been waiting for! Butterbean is finally ready to make his journey to the available page so that he can find his forever home! For those who have not followed this handsome boy’s story, Butterbean has had a long road here at the Village. A local shelter had taken him in, with a severe break in his rear left leg. Our amazing supporters banded together and helped fund this guy’s surgical costs.

Butterbean underwent surgery and required extensive physical therapy to help heal his injury. This poor boy suffered a set back during his physical therapy and unfortunately lost two of his toes and had surgery to re-graft the pad on his foot. This was followed by more physical therapy and frequent bandage changes.

Through all of the hardship that he has encountered, this lovable dog has faced everything with a strength that his followers and fans could only marvel at. He came back from every surgery and set back with a will to go forth that made everyone who met him fall in love with him.

Butterbean’s bandage has now been removed which allows the opportunity for air to dry out the raw spots on his paw. Having the bandage removed also gave him an opportunity to bend his leg. He has muscle atrophy from his long recovery and neurological damage, so it is a matter of “wait and see”, to determine how he will use the leg. With the help of a slip resistant sock, time, and some coaching, – Butterbean has become reacquainted with his leg. Sometimes he bends it, sometimes he hops with it up, and sometimes he holds it out.

Butterbean’s foster mom reports,”When it comes to playing or running after the other dogs as they chase squirrels – he moves fast! He flies up the stairs of our deck and he plays well with the cats and bunny in the home. Butterbean’s forever home will need a supply of non-slip dog socks. Even with a sock, I don’t let him walk on cement, as his paw is forming callouses and I don’t want them to tear open. Butterbean also needs pepcid every day to help with gerd.”

So, what kind of home will be right for this stunning man? Well, perhaps one with tile or hardwood floors because carpet can be hard for him to get around. He will require a backyard, since he enjoys his time outside. And dog friends? You bet! We just prefer to keep them the same size as Butterbean. We would love to see him in a home where someone is with him all of the time to monitor his on-going care, but also because he loves to be with people and he is accustomed to that.

Please state in your application why you would be the best home for Butterbean and how you will work to help him with his continuing care.

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