Need something to perk up your day? Take a look at Otto (formerly known as Captain) with his new sister and read his adoption story!

Captain, now Otto, has found his forever home! He is settling in well with his human brother (9 years) and his rescued American pit bull sister (7 years), and having lots of fun playing with both of them on his new 2.5 acre mini-ranch. He follows his new mom around everywhere, and they often gaze adoringly at one another – it’s a mutual love affair. He loves to putter along behind mom and sister on walks in the Central Oregon sunshine several times per day. Mom works from home and when she has meetings in town, Otto loves to come along and meet new people – he’s shy at first, but getting more confident every day. Staying home with dad is fun too, with lots of snuggling and “man time” working on projects and hanging out. He’s always curious, and since his new family has a lot going on, there’s something new to explore every day!