BB in Maryland— ADOPTED!!!

December 10th, 2018|

BB has been adopted and by a wonderful family! They have already taken this sweet girl to see Santa. Of course, she is on the ‘nice’ list so Santa said he would bring her lots of treats and toys. We are so excited that BB will have the chance this year and all the coming years to spend the holidays with her forever family. Congratulations to this new family on finding each other!

Location: Northeast […]

Update on Alum Oswald (Ozzi)

December 5th, 2018|

We received an update on Oswald (Ozzi) from his forever family. His forever mom wrote us to let us know that poor Ozzi had a terrible inner ear infection that caused his head to tilt to the left. He also had nystagmus (a condition where the eyes move rapidly and uncontrollably), refused to eat and drink, and couldn’t walk without falling down.

After numerous vet visits (including a visit to a specialty vet and a […]

Biscuit in Maryland— ADOPTED!!!

November 14th, 2018|

Biscuit (now Bentley) with his new mommy! We are so excited for them to start this new chapter in their lives. Congratulations to both Bentley and his fur-ever mom!

Biscuit is a 2-year old little cutie who is ready to find his forever home. Supposedly, Biscuit spent most of his life in a crate before coming into foster care which caused him to become overweight and to have very soft paw pads that have taken […]

Herbie in Florida— ADOPTED!!!

November 14th, 2018|

YAY!!!….Herbie has found his forever home! We are so happy for him and his new family. We wish them all the best!!

Hurray….FBV’s handsome Prince Charming brindle, Herbie, is ready for adoption!!!

Herbie’s previous owner got him from Craigslist 10 months ago. The owner took really good care of him and made sure he had his monthly update at the vet. The family needed to give him up due to his owner suffering from serious health problems.

Herbie […]

Kato in Georgia- ADOPTED!!!

November 3rd, 2018|

Congratulations to Kato and his new family!! Kato went to his forever home today and everyone couldn’t be happier. Kato gave his new momma a big smooch to show her his excitement! His adoptive dad is thrilled to have someone stay home with him during the days. It’s a perfect match!!

YAY!!! Kato, FBV’s handsome blue brindle Frenchie, is ready for adoption!!

Kato’s previous family included six children and a head of household with a […]

Bella is home!!!

October 29th, 2018|

Bella is home! Given Bella’s heart condition that will need to be managed with frequent follow-ups for the rest of her life, the Board has decided it best for her to remain in her foster home permanently. She is in wonderful hands and we trust that she will receive the best care and the most unconditional love from her forever family. We are excited for the adventures they will share and the memories they […]

Latest Charm Update!!!

October 20th, 2018|

Charm’s forever family reports that she is doing great. Her dad has nicknamed her Chaka Khan, because once during feeding time (which she gets VERY excited for), “I Feel For You” was playing on their HomePod…and she was practically dancing to the beat.

She is fitting in so well in her new family and loves to sleep with her sissy and brother…all together on one bed!!

She is well loved and her family is absolutely […]

Winston’s 3-month forever home update!!

October 17th, 2018|

It’s been 3 months since Winston joined his forever family.  Per his family, “time seems to be flying by, while also going slow.  Winston is doing very well.  His diet is stable and his stomach seems to be getting much better.  A bad tummy is very rare nowadays.”
His forever family reports that “Winston recently tried a blueberry a few days in a row with no issues and a small piece of banana as well.  […]

Panda, now Oswald, in his new home!!

October 15th, 2018|

Panda’s forever family sent us a wonderful update letting us know just how great he is doing in his new home!!

Panda, who they now call Ozzi (short for Oswald), has been in his new home since Labor Day weekend. Since that weekend, his forever family reports that “he has been nothing but a perfect, wonderful addition” to their little family. “He and his frenchie brother Oliver Jack have become fast friends – he even […]

Moon’s Story

October 15th, 2018|

From FBV’s President:

“Moon’s Story”
When our Intake Coordinator, Katie, calls me and says we have a possible puppy my heart grows heavy, because who would give up a puppy unless there was a serious problem!!

As she read through the issues, I felt this was a puppy we may not be able to save, but at least he would be loved before he got wings.

Katie then sent me a video of the little man and I […]