Adoption Stories for 2015

Luke in his forever home!

February 13th, 2018|

This time last year, 2017, we were blessed with a short story from Luke’s Mom and Dad.  We so enjoy hearing from our Alumni and Tom has sent additional pictures and a story about Luke and his adventures.

Luke (who was originally our Arnie for those of you that don’t know of the name change) was adopted from The French Bulldog Village Rescue in November 2015.  This is Luke’s new life story.

He moved to Tempe, Arizona, […]

Alumna Snort (previously Lulu)

July 24th, 2017|

Today the FRENCH BULLDOG VILLAGE RESCUE brings you our alumna Snort.  When Snort was part of the VILLAGE, she was known as Lulu.  Lulu was adopted in 2015.

This is her story:

When Snort’s mom first saw our email, she thought we had sent it to the wrong person.  Michelle totally forgot who Lulu was and that she had changed her name.

Snort is doing great.  According to her mom, she plays all the time.  Occasionally, she […]

Update on Alumna Brie

May 6th, 2017|

This is a story about Brie, one of our past alumna.

Brie was born in 2010.  Her original owner was starting a new career and would be traveling overseas.  There was no one to take care of Brie.  She would not get the attention she loved and deserved.  So, at the age of approximately 4 1/2 years, Brie was surrendered to the first rescue group. That was in June of 2014.  In September 2014, Brie […]

Dax living life to its fullest with his new family!

April 1st, 2017|

And so, the next dog we decided to bring to you is Dax.
Dax’s mama has this to say about her fine boy:

“Dax is a welcome addition to our family. He is a French Bulldog/Chihuahua mix that was owner surrendered.  After having a French Bulldog, and never having a Chihuahua, I noticed we divided his traits into two categories. French bulldog or Chihuahua.  Of course, that seems rather silly, because all of his traits are […]

Luke, formerly Arnie, in his forever home!

April 1st, 2017|

This is the story we received from Tom and Jennifer regarding our adoptee Luke.  When Luke was with us, his name was Arnie.  
In November 2015, Luke was adopted by Tom and Jennifer who live in Tempe, Arizona. 
“Luke (formerly Arnie), came to us a scared, insecure little guy just coming off major back surgery.  After he was with us for a bit and fully recovered from his surgery, severe aggression and resource guarding issues […]

Lola the Lovebug – ADOPTED!!!!

November 4th, 2015|

Welcome beautiful Lola to the available page!!!

Lola was found abandoned on the side of the road by animal control. At the time she was found, Lola was unable to use her back legs at all, not even to stand.

Lola spent 2-3 weeks in an animal shelter, where she awaited rescue.  When the Village learned about her, we took her immediately to our vet where she remained in medical boarding for about one week. She […]

Benny’s Ready – For A Home! ADOPTED!! YEAH BENNY!!

October 15th, 2015|

Please welcome Benny to the available page! Benny came to French Bulldog Village after being taken in as a stray by an Ohio shelter. The shelter originally listed this guy as 7, but after his initial vet visit, we suspect he might be 3, if that. His foster home says he has the energy of a puppy. He can go full force playing with his foster dog brothers, then pass out sleeping.

Benny has some […]

** ADOPTED ** Arnie Wants A Home ** ADOPTED**

September 18th, 2015|

**  ADOPTED **


Arnie recently went to surgery for a herniated disc in his spine.  He is doing very well physically and has been given the all clear for adoption.  Arnie can walk, and even run, and continues to get stronger with each passing day.  He will sometimes “skip” with a back leg, but that is normal, and with continued activity, should resolve.  He is predicted to return to 100% mobility.

Arnie is all up to […]

Marion is Ready to Go

August 12th, 2015|


Marion was rescued from a shelter in Florida, so not much is known to us about her background.  Marion was SKINNY when she came to us, but her foster mom has done wonderful work getting her to a decent weight, but she could probably still could put on a few pounds, lucky girl!
Marion has the typical Frenchie allergies, so high quality food and frequent baths will be part of […]

Bosco – ADOPTED!!!!!

August 2nd, 2015|



Looking for the best dog ever!!!  That is what his foster mom thinks of this handsome boy!
Bosco is  incredibly sweet, very gentile and he would do great with dog savy kids.

He has zero food aggression and takes treats nicely.

A perfect gentleman with baths and nail trims.
He gets along well with the other dogs in his foster home, and  he loves all other dogs and has encountered larger dogs at the vets office and […]