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Frenchies and Fleas….Oh My!!!

July 22nd, 2013|

Now that we’re deep into summer 2013, with rain, heat and humidity being predominant weather factors this year, there’s a little thing we should discuss.  Fleas.
A flea biology lesson…
Actually while they are little themselves (only 2-3mm long), the problems they cause are anything but small.  Fleas are small, dark brown parasitic insects that survive by sucking blood from dogs and other pets (and even people too).  The adult fleas spend their entire time on […]


March 10th, 2013|

Parvovirus infection is a very serious and often fatal viral infection that causes severe gastrointestinal disease resulting in vomiting, hemorrhagic (bloody) diarrhea and dehydration. Dogs can become infected through oral contact with the virus in feces, infected soil and other objects and substances that carry the virus.

Parvoviruses are very hardy viruses and can survive in the environment for an extended period of time. They are able to overwinter in the ground despite freezing temperatures. […]


December 13th, 2012|

It’s that time of year again – too much chocolate, too much turkey, too much…well you get the idea!  And of course it’s colder outside.  It’s certainly a great time of year to get together with family and friends, and enjoy fun times with our pets.  After all, most of us have more time off from work over the holidays, and no doubt we’ll want to spend some extra time with our four-legged family […]

Importance of Vaccinating your Frenchie

October 3rd, 2012|

As we move into fall months it is very important to review your Frenchie’s current vaccinations and make sure that he/she is protected. Fall is the time of year where the incidence of infectious disease appears to rise in most geographical areas. This is because as the days become shorter, there is less sunlight and therefore less UV light exposure to help kill the infectious bacteria and some viruses from the environment.

While the diseases […]

Heat Stroke in Frenchies

July 29th, 2012|

Heat Stroke in French Bulldogs
It’s the time of year again – the hot, lazy days of summer that we wait for all year.   But it’s also the time of year when higher outside temperatures can lead to a dangerous condition in some dogs:  heatstroke.   Heat stroke, also known as heat prostration or hyperthermia, is defined as an extreme elevation of core body temperature, usually above 40oC, caused by high ambient temperatures, or by other […]

Teaching your dog to walk on a leash

June 16th, 2012|

Why does a dog pull on leash?  When that question is asked in a classroom, usually at least one person will answer, “Because he wants to be in charge.”  In truth, the reason a dog will run out to the end of his leash and lunge has absolutely nothing to do with a desire for world domination.  The simple answer is that your dog pulls because he wants to go over there.  Wherever over […]

5 Common purse Items that can poison your pets….

June 14th, 2012|

According to the folks at Pet Poison Helpline, they talk frequently to terrified pet owners whose dog or cat found an enticing ‘treat’ in a purse or backpack and gobbled it up.

A handbag or similar item lying open with contents exposed, can prove an irresistible temptation to a confined, curious and perhaps slightly bored pet.
Top 5 Most Common Purse Items That Poison Pets

Human medications. About half the yearly calls to the Pet Poison Helpline are because […]

Heartworm Disease in Dogs

May 31st, 2012|



Heartworm (Dirofilaria immitus) is a devastating and potentially fatal condition that affects thousands of dogs in North America each and every year. The infection starts when an infected mosquito bites a dog and subsequently larvae are injected into the dog where they proceed to the large arteries surrounding the heart and develop into adult heartworm. That process takes approximately 6 months to complete and the infection will progress if not treated, as adult Heartworms […]

The importance of dog training classes with your new dog.

May 15th, 2012|

Lucy was a sweet, cuddly little 3 month old puppy.  The Smith family couldn’t resist her alert, soulful brown eyes and lightning-fast puppy kisses, so they brought her home.
Lucy was a typical puppy, and that means mischievous.  Every time they took their eyes off of her, she had somebody’s shoe, or had stolen a hot dog off the youngest child’s plate, or was contentedly munching on the living room rug.  But who could look […]

Spring is finally here!!

April 6th, 2012|

For those of us who live in cold, snowy climates, the warmer temperatures are a welcome change. Naturally, we all want to spend more time outdoors in the spring and summer when the weather is nice – and that includes our pets, too. Here are a few springtime health & safety tips for pets.


Brush, brush, brush. Many dogs shed heavily as the temperatures get warmer. Help them get rid of their winter coats by […]