Hospice Care

ScoobyDo in Florida

Update 1/27/2019: We are extremely saddened to announce that ScoobyDo has been moved to hospice care. Our precious, ScoobyDo, is in kidney failure and all tests that have been performed have ruled out any other possible causes. Unfortunately, Scooby was left undiagnosed and untreated for such a significant amount of time before he came to…

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Ralph in North Carolina

Update June 17, 2019:  As Ralph’s sight continues to deteriorate, he gets confused outside at night. His foster family has to monitor him very closely during his evening potty time. He can also confuse easily in new surroundings, but he does adapt. As long as he has his person and his foster siblings to rely…

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Coco in Virginia

UPDATE 4/12/2019: Coco had a checkup with the vet back in February. Per the vet, she is doing okay. She continues to live with cancer and is blind and deaf. Her foster family is making sure she has the best life possible. We are so thankful for our wonderful foster homes! UPDATE (3/3/2017): Coco recently…

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