Charm (from the GA Gang) sadly has come back into rescue. She was re-surrendered due to house training issues. Her foster mom is working very hard on getting this under control with the help of crate training and a consistent frequent schedule.

Charm is 7 years old and weighs 21 pounds. Since being back in foster care, she has been a little nervous with grooming but behaves well. She gets her face folds cleaned daily as she has had some discharge while she sleeps. Charm has been to the vet for vomiting/diarrhea and had a urinalysis and fecal exam performed. No infection was found with the urinalysis. However, giardia was found in her fecal sample. The vet prescribed Charm OTC cranberry tablets and metronidazole. Her stools are now normal since being treated with metronidazole and she goes back to the vet in a month to have the pH of her urine rechecked.

Charm is still having issues with potty training. She needs to be on a very strict routine and requires a lot of patience and understanding. She does great if taken out to potty every hour or so. This may sound frequent, but Charm makes up for it with endless kisses!

Her foster mom says, “Charm is an absolute dream! She loves hanging out with my dogs and cats. She loves toys, food and especially cuddling. She is an all-around sweet angel of a bulldog. She loves to go to patios with new friends (both human and dog) but she is still nervous about this sometimes. Her favorite part of the day is relaxing on the couch with her humans. I am absolutely obsessed with her!”

Please help us welcome Charm back to the Village! This precious girl deserves to find her forever home this time around.